Get in the Know…With Tampax Compak.

Get in the Know…With Tampax Compak.

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Have one less thing to worry about when on a date! Read on for the answers to all those date FAQs!

Question: Why should I use tampons while on a date?

Answer: Using a tampon is an easier, cleaner and more discreet method of dealing with your period while on a date. Tampax Compak are wrapped in a sweet-like wrapper, which is great to conceal in your evening clutch. The smooth plastic applicator makes insertion a cinch, meaning you’ll spend less time in the bathroom and more time wooing your date!

Question: How often should I change my tampon?

Answer: Changing your tampon is important, not only to avoid any embarrassing leaks on your perfect date outfit, but also for health reasons. Ideally you should change your tampon every four hours but if that isn’t possible then eight hours is the maximum time it should be left in before changing to a new one.

Question: Do I have to remove my tampon when using the bathroom or washing?

Answer: Tampons are inserted into your vagina, therefore they don’t interfere with any ablutions. You can also bath and shower with your tampon in.

Question: Can drinking alcohol affect my menstrual cycle?

Answer: Whether your saying cheers to new love or sobbing over a love lost, having a drink or two is par for the course on V-Day. That being said, drink water in between each drink and try to keep alcohol to a minimum. This is because menstruation lowers your tolerance to alcohol and interrupts the normal hormonal fluctuations necessary for ovulation.

Question: Will drinking alcohol make my “flow” heavier?

Answer: There is no proof that alcohol will make your period heavier. This stems from the idea that alcohol thins the blood. This is true, however, one must remember that menstruation is the shedding of the uterus wall and not blood per se.

Question: Can smoking make my PMS worse?

Answer: Yes! Smoking is bad for you, end of story! Studies have shown that women who smoke suffer from worse PMS compared to those who don’t. That’s because smoking may alter your oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone levels. Women who smoke also tend to have shorter and more irregular menstrual cycles compared to non-smokers.

Question: Can I fall pregnant while on my period?

Answer: Yes you can. So if you do decide to do the dirty while on your period then always be wise and use a condom. This will also guard you against any unwanted sexually transmitted diseases.

Question: Do periods smell?

Answer: This is a reasonable worry with a simple solution. Women who wear pads often complain of a smell. This is caused by bacteria in the air mixing with the blood on the pad, not the blood itself. To avoid the this from happening be sure to change your pad regularly. Also ensure you wash at least once a day to prevent any unwanted body odours. Wearing a tampon is often a cleaner, easier sanitary product option.

Question: What if I leak on my brand new outfit?

Answer: All of us have leaked at some point in our lives, but when it’s in front of the man of your dreams, things can get more than embarrassing. The way you handle the situation will also influence the way your date does. Remain calm and head to your closest bathroom to change your sanitary product. Wrapping a jersey around your waist is a quick way to conceal your leak. You could always feign illness and ask to be taken home if all else fails!

Question: I’m worried my period will start while I’m on my dream date. Can I wear a tampon in case it does?

Answer: It’s not a good idea to wear a tampon if you haven’t started your period. Not only can it feel very uncomfortable but it’s also dangerous. If you’re worried about your period starting suddenly then wear a thin panty liner. Once your period has started you can then insert a tampon.

So there you have it, all your frequently answered queries solved. Do you have any tampon-related questions? Share them with us below!

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