#FunWithFillows Project Wrap Up

Jungle Crunchalots Fillows are packed with the goodness of Jungle. They’re crunchy on the outside AND smooth on the inside, a breakfast AND a snack, bursting with flavour AND packed with nutrients: 

✅ Three delicious flavours: Original, Strawberry, and Chocolate

✅ High in energy

✅ High in 7 vitamins

✅ Source of Vitamin B5 to fight tiredness and fatigue  

✅ Source of Vitamins A, B12, and C for immune system support 

We recruited 100 moms who are always on the hunt for delicious breakfasts and snacks to put Jungle Crunchalots Fillows to the test.

The Trial Team 

They wanted to know: Would their kids want to have #FunWithFillows when breakfast called or hunger struck? Could it be the kid-approved solution they’d been searching for? 

They shared bowl-you-over breakfasts and snack occasions galore (lunchboxes, playdates, extra-mural munchies) – a million and one ways for kids to have #FunWithFillows and gave audiences the final, honest verdict: Are the NEW Jungle Crunchalots Fillows kid-approved?

See their post rolls out below.


Week One’s Story

REALfluencers introduced the all-new Jungle Crunchalots Fillows, shared why they opted-in to try it out and invited followers with picky eaters to give Jungle’s new 2-in-1 cereal/snack a try.  REALfluencers posted high energy, fun-filled feed posts with the cutest kids, sharing what the benefits of Jungle’s new 2-in-1 cereal/snack are and how it really is the best of both worlds – both delicious and nutritious!

Aaaaaand, cue the cuteness overload…!

Week Two’s Story

It was time to see if the all NEW Jungle Crunchalots Fillows was not only parent-approved, but also kid-approved! Our Fillows Funmakers kiddos gave us their honest reviews on the new 2-in-1 cereal/snack from Jungle in the cutest reels/videos we’ve ever seen! 

They gave us the lowdown on the NEW Jungle Crunchalots Fillows with the most detailed reviews of all reviews! Telling us whether the cereal/snack stays crunchy in milk, what it tasted like, and if the centre was soft and delicious.

REALfluencers also made sure to let followers know to stay tuned for the Snack Occasions E-vent where they will show how they snack on their Jungle Crunchalots Fillows.

Week Three’s Story

The Snack Occasions E-vent saw REALfluencers show us all the ways they’ve been snacking on the NEW Jungle Crunchalots Fillows. From school lunch snacks, to movie snacks, they really put the fun in #FunWithFillows with their carousel and reels posts.

REALfluencers got really creative with their Jungle Crunchalots Fillows by pairing the snack with yoghurt, chocolate, marshmallows, and even ice-cream to create their own versions of the delicious snack.

Followers also stood a chance to win their share of 3 x Jungle Crunchalots Fillows valued at R300 each by commenting all the ways their kids would snack on the all NEW Jungle Crunchalots Fillows.

Week Four’s Story

The final verdict is finally in, is it both parent and kid-approved? It is more than safe to say that the all NEW Jungle Crunchalots Fillows is both parent and kid-approved!

The cutest feed posts showed parents and kids ecstatic after finally finding a cereal and snack that is both delicious and nutritious for kids and parents to enjoy! Jungle has definitely come up with the most delicious solution for the fussy-eater struggle.

About Jungle 

According to our #FunWithFillows parents, the new Jungle Crunchalots Fillows have their stamp of approval not only as a breakfast cereal but as the perfect on-the-go snack for school lunchboxes, playdates, sleepovers, and anytime snacks. They loved that it’s both nutritious and delicious and how versatile and convenient they are. 

✅ Three delicious flavours: Original, Strawberry, and Chocolate

✅ High in energy

✅ High in 7 vitamins

✅ Fights tiredness and fatigue  

✅ Provides immune system support

For more reviews, CLICK HERE. 

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