Your questions, answered.

How do I become a Brand Advisor and how does it work?

It’s easy. Sign up and fill in your profile in the “My Account” section. Add your friends to get them involved too. Next up, sign up for projects. How? Keep an eye out for our newsletter invitations, posts on social channels, and our website. If you’re the right match for a product and are chosen, you’ll get a message via email, WhatsApp or a call to confirm your details. The products will be delivered directly to you via our courier company. For free! In return you provide honest feedback and spread the word online and offline. If you’re all about connecting with your followers and you’re ready to grow your network with some fresh content, become a Brand Advisor now.

What’s in it for me?

Our Brand Advisors are socially connected. They’re networkers. They’re real. Their audience looks up to them and values their opinion. They get it. They know their industry. They know what’s hot and what’s not. If this sounds like you, we offer:

  • • Exclusive access to brand new products, delivered to your door, before anyone else
  • • Stay on-trend and up-to date
  • • Another platform to make your voice and opinion heard
  • • The cred from introducing your audience to exclusive products
  • • Growing your network through collaboration
  • • Connections to brands and other advisors
  • • Fresh material for unique content

How do you choose Brand Advisors?

Anyone can sign up and create a profile. We then match products to profiles, based on social connections, demographics, interests and experience. That’s why our surveys are so important and your profile must be kept updated. If someone is a chef who loves Twitter, they’ll stand out for a foodie project. If someone’s dog has more Insta followers than Bonang, they’re perfect for a pet project. It’s all about who you know and what you know, so that our community can trust your opinion.

What do I have to do with the products I receive?

When you want to apply for a project, it will be clear what you need to do in return. You’ll be asked to write reviews, take photos and videos, spread the word on your own social platforms and our site. We may also ask you to complete survey updates asking who you spoke to about the product, what you spoke about and how long you chatted for.

Do I have to take part in your projects?

Absolutely not! You’ll receive a newsletter and a survey form that asks if you want to get involved. If you’re not interested, ignore it.

If you do sign up, confirm you want to take part, agree to sharing your feedback in exchange for the products, receive the products and then change your mind – then things get tricky. You’ll either need to send the products back to us, unopened and at your own cost, or give them to a likeminded friend who wants to review them. If we don’t hear back from you, unfortunately our trust is broken and we’ll have to remove you from our site.

How do I review a product?

Yay! Your Brand Advisor Box has arrived! In it you’ll find a letter with instructions on how to take part. We call it “The Deliverables Letter”. It explains everything you need to do, including important dates, product info, examples of the content we want you to create, and links to where you add your reviews. This is where we expect you to have some fun. No one wants to read a boring review. So up your game and bring your opinion to life. Be funny, be creative. The better your content, the better the chance of being chosen for another project.

Do I have to pay?

Nope! Signing up completely free. It’s a no-brainer, really. All you have to do is share your product experience.

What will I receive?

Well, this depends on what projects you sign up and are chosen for. Each one is different.

So you may receive one product to review; a full range of products; products and/or sample packs for you and your friends, vouchers, and more! We like to keep things interesting.

What if I don't like the product?

If you don’t like the product because something is actually wrong with it, then let us know ASAP and we will try sort it out. We’re all about honesty, so if the product is in working order and it just wasn’t your cup of tea, we want to hear your honest, but fair reviews. Remember though, negative reviews don’t get you new products or extra gifts!

Does everyone who joins receive products?

Unfortunately not. Becoming a Brand Advisor is all about what you know and who you know. Our advisors are socially connected. Their followers love to hear what they think and why. But they’re not all talk and no action. They’re also in the know. They’re masters of their industry, they have experience and credibility. Why? Because this means their opinion matters. If you sign up for a project and aren’t selected, maybe it just wasn’t the one for you. But there are always new projects launching, so don’t give up! Build your network, raise your voice, get creative – and a project may just come your way.

I love my product, do I have to send it back again?

Not at all, it’s yours to keep. Just make sure you send us your reviews and content!

What if you tell me I’m getting something and nothing arrives?

This shouldn’t happen, but if it does, we will thoroughly investigate what went wrong and will try get a new pack to you, but we can’t promise it.

What happens if the products are wrong or arrive damaged?

We will organize for your package to be collected and checked. Then, if possible, we’ll send you a new one.

How often can I receive stuff to review?

This is tough to answer. We load new projects all the time, so it depends on what is happening and whether you suit the projects. It’s all about who you know AND what you know. So if you’re a flower-growing, fast-car-obsessed, chef-extraordinaire who loves Twitter more than your family, you might be picked for a gardening, car and food project. If you’re all about that fashion-life, and your Insta-Husband takes great snaps of you, then a clothing gig could be yours.

How do I receive the products?

Ding dong! Wait for the bell, because your products will be delivered straight to your door in around 5 working days via our courier company. We need your day time delivery address, home or at work, so you are around to receive it.

Do I have to be based within South Africa?

Hello! Lotjhani! Molo! Sawubona! Dumela! Avuxeni! Sawubona! Ndaa! Hallo! Yes, we are proudly South African.

Do I have to be logged into the site to write my review?

Yes, so everyone can see who wrote the review and that it’s from a real person they can trust.