Domestic gods and goddesses, YOU’RE INVITED to save time, money, and electricity by washing blacks, whites, and colours together! #MixColoursWithConfidenceSA THE CONCERN: Most of us separate our washing into colour-coded loads to keep our clothes protected from running colours… but have you ever thought about how much extra time, money, and electricity it takes to do that? What if you could wash ALL your clothes together without worrying about discolouration or ruining your garments? THE TRIAL TEST: What if we told you that with Dr. Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector Sheets this could be a possibility? Dr. Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector Sheets are so easy to use – and they say they really work! All you do is pop two sheets into the washing machine’s drum with your mixed load of washing. THE SCIENCE: Unique colour collecting molecules release from the sheet to bind with colour particles directly in the water. The sheet’s microfibre structure then quickly absorbs the loose colours from the water, locking them in immediately to ensure each garment’s colour stays brighter for longer! THE CHALLENGE: If you’re looking to save time, money, and electricity, WE WANT YOU and a friend to put Dr. Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector Sheets to the test. THE WIN: The best performing influencer and their like-minded friend can each win R5000 and a year’s supply of Dr. Beckmann products! Yip, you heard us.. there’s R10 000 up for grabs for the best performing DUO (trial team member & friend). OPT-IN if you are:
  • Someone who is invested in their wardrobe and likes to create noise when you find a product that maintains the colour brilliance of your clothing
  • Looking to save time, money, and electricity by washing all of your clothing together in one load with confidence that your colours won’t run and will maintain brightness
  • Willing to put Dr. Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector Sheets to the test along with a selected like-concerned, socially-savvy friend
  • Willing to ABUNDANTLY share your positive word-of-mouth and testimonials with your engaged social media following through photos, videos, and posts… then please complete the following survey: HERE
If chosen as part of the trial team, you will receive Dr. Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector Sheets for yourself and 6 samples to share with friends and family. Are you ready to change how you do washing forever and save time, money and electricity to stand a chance to WIN BIG with Dr. Beckmann? #MixColoursWithConfidenceSA *New coloured items should be washed separately first as product performance cannot be guaranteed where there are excessive amounts of colour bleed. Use two sheets for heavily dyed garments (particularly cottons) of those with poor colour fastness.
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  1. Noxolo Sibenya

    Good day, totally keen to try this out. I would love to opt in 🙂

  2. rachel mokatse


  3. daniel martin

    Good afternoon

    I own an Industrial Laundromat and would love to test this product and use if it says what it does.

  4. Lulibo Mrubata

    Amanzing I’m have a very colorful wardrobe and personality. I’d love to try this product.

  5. Lelethu

    I love changing clothes i wear different clothes everyday and by the time the week ends there is so much laundry to do, so I would definitely love to try this out and save water and electricity

  6. nicole thema

    Will definitely like to try this out

  7. Simmi

    With a teenager doing sports and walking on white socks… I desperately need to get my hands on this product and hope it works best xoxo

  8. Sithembiso Machusi

    With all the clothes in my closet, I would love to try and test the product.

  9. Prudence Phakula

    Hi there, i am a mom of 2 active boys under the age of 12, would love to try these out..

  10. MsKhloe

    Looks absolutely interesting I am one lady who is particularly of her clothing items and the conservation of their color. Totally would love to be part of this.

  11. katlego

    I don’t repeat any clothes so that it’s easier to wash quickly and hussle free.

  12. Kgomotso Audrey Selebogo

    I am one lady who loves her clothes and the conservation of the colour on my items this will be perfect for me to be part of. Totally interested!

  13. Tumisho Rasebote

    I would definitely love to opt in! I have a lot of different colors of clothes so I’d love to see how that turns out

  14. Chantel

    I have a Husband that wear formal shirts everyday & kids at school & daycare. My washing basket is always overflowing! I would love to opt in!

  15. Nokwanda Mcanyana

    Definitely keen, would love to try this out.

  16. Sthembile Zondo

    Hi everyone, I truly would love to opt in

  17. Ellen

    Would love to try this one

  18. Sifiso piet Sibiya

    It’s a very interesting solution it will solve every home’s problem and save big in terms of money, time and electricity.
    I’ll love to experience this magic with my family so I can tell my friends and everyone I know

  19. Sifiso piet Sibiya

    Definitely I’m in

  20. Naledi Tswaile

    This could be a total life saver, and typically a savvy and budget strict girl, and if this could save me money this is for me, totally would give it a try



  22. Florina Jaenisch

    My laundry has a wide colour variety, so I will definitely try this product.

  23. Charmaine Doel

    I am definitely in! Washdays will become so much easier

    1. Concella Mogoru

      So excited, I can wait try it.

  24. Charmaine Doel

    I am definitely in! Washdays will become so much easier and less hassle

  25. Kamohelo Pheeha

    I am very keen to try this

    1. Sethabile

      I am a mothet of 3 kids and wife. I would like to tey thus product as my laundry is full of different colours.

  26. Awonke Dinga

    Super excited about this Campaign #MixColoursWithConfidenceSA

  27. Lerato Kgang

    Am very interested in it

  28. Ulited Mokoatedi


  29. Ellen

    Sounds great . Would definitely love to taste the product

  30. Charmaine

    Hello im new on the page still trying to find my way, how do i enter for samples and competitions?

  31. Uvani Kuppen Cullen

    Happy to try and giv an honest opinion.

  32. Glenda

    Love to try this

  33. Lehlogonolo Shai

    I really want to try it and provide feedback

  34. Khotatso Masango

    I would like to opt in

  35. Kgothatso Lethoba

    I would love to try this.. I would like to opt-in

  36. Lebogang

    Hello I would like to opt in

  37. Pearl Baloyi

    This is something I would definitely like to try, it will make my life so much easier. Doing laundry is a drag and now it’s about to get easier. This might be a game changer. 😁

  38. Thuso Libago

    I’m a laundry queen, this would makw my life so much easier, I would love to opt in

  39. Thuso Libago

    I’m a laundry queen, this would make my life so much easier, I would love to opt in

  40. Metja Molomo

    i really would love to try it. it looks interesting

  41. Dalreece Rankin-Andreas

    Hi I would love to opt in

  42. Thandi

    My fashion sense is very colourful at times I usually don’t know what to use to keep the colours vibrant, this would be the perfect product for my wardrobe

  43. Mfase Johanna

    I would like to try this ,and also make it well known to my followers as it will help them.

    1. Katlego

      Would love to try it

  44. Olwethu Makopeni

    I would love to put this to a test

  45. Angeline Sekobela

    Hi Brand Advisor
    As a Mom i would definitely love to try this out as my daughter dirties her clothes

  46. Tracy Petersen

    Being a mother, working odd hour shifts can take a huge toll on your system. Laundry days take all my energy due to having to do different loads for the different types of clothes and colours. This product will help me so much, would love to try it 🤗❤

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