What’s worse than shelving your perfect black outfit ‘cos of dandruff? Or having to cover up in the heat ‘cos you can’t bare your flaky skin flare up? It’s flaking altogether ‘cos you’re too self-conscious to show up! If you know the feeling, you NEED to follow our Glo-up Team.

Our Glo-up Team is done letting their scalp/skin conditions make them flake on life’s special occasions… which is exactly why they’re putting Selsun 2.5% to the test. Selsun 2.5% is the shampoo that claims to make your scalp/skin condition a thing of the past!

They’ll be testing whether:

– Selsun 2.5% treats their dandruff, itchy scalp, or irritable skin condition to leave them flake-free. – Selsun 2.5% gives them the confidence they need to show up to all of life’s occasions.

What’s in it for you:

– Honest reviews and feedback from real people who’ve tried Selsun 2.5% themselves – A front row seat to their personal journeys… will they find the confidence to show up to the final event?

Follow #DontFlakeSA to find out!

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