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Here is a great hair tip. Ladies have a natural hording ability programmed into them. Whether its clothes, makeup, nail polishes or cats, sometimes we need to admit that we have too much stuff! I have been thinking lately, it’s not really a problem that we have a lot of a certain item, it’s more that we don’t have proper organisation for said items so it just looks like a big mess and that is a problem for most of us. I then went onto finding inspirational ideas on how you can keep your collections neat and tidy so we can start giving hording a good name.

I stumbled on a cute Alice band hanger that can easily be made with a few strips of ribbon, a needle and some thread. After the “Gossip Girl” era, ladies like me have taken to Blair Waldorf’s fashion sense and have accumulated a few head bands over the seasons. I have never found a proper way to store them until now.
What you will need: A thick band of ribbon, a medium band of ribbon, a thin band of ribbon, needle and cotton/thread, an elastic band and this article. (Colours/Patterns are up to you)

Step 1: cut a length of the thick band of ribbon (however long you would like it).
Step 2: Take your medium band of ribbon (Don’t cut it) and sew an anchor point joining the two ribbons together at the top.

Step 3: Now made small loops, sewing different anchor points for each loop as you made your way down the thick band of ribbon which has now become the backdrop/base of the hanger.

Step 4: After sewing your hoops, neaten everything up by adding a hair band to the top of the hanger so you can hang it easily. Sew different pieces of ribbon horizontally for decorative purposes.

Now you have a really cute hanger for all your Alice bands. You can hang it in your wardrobe or out in the open as a feature on your wall. Remember there can be various versions and methods to making this hanger. As long as you have the basic concept, making it will be the easy part. Hope this  DIY hair tip helps!

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Claire Mitchell

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