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We’re so excited about putting the Deep Relief Ibuprofen Gel to the test! #FastPainReliefSA

We’ve chosen 80 pain fighters and their partners in pain to share their struggles while putting Deep Relief Ibuprofen Gel to the test. We’d like you to follow and engage with them during their journey by following the hashtag #FastPainReliefSA

Deep Relief Ibuprofen Gel, the only Ibuprofen gel in South Africa, promises fast and long lasting relief from acute joint/muscular pain caused by trauma such as arthritis, sports injuries, sprains and strains. It’s available at all local retailers and pharmacies in a 30g & 50g, if you prefer a bigger pack size the 100g is available behind the pharmacy counter.

We’re eager to know if the gel’s dual action combo of the fast acting Ibuprofen and the cooling sensation of menthol does penetrate the skin fast to provide long lasting pain relief.

We’re also interested to see what some of our existing oral Ibuprofen users in the trial team will say about using Deep Relief Ibuprofen gel as an effective alternative! Exciting stuff right?

If you follow the #FastPainReliefSA conversation and engage with our pain fighters, you can WIN a Fitbit!

Let’s see if Deep Relief Ibuprofen Gel is a pain game- changer?

Chat soon,

Brand Advisor



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