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It’s time to live your best, pain-free active life!


While you might not be an Olympic athlete, you certainly deserve a medal for completing the athletics of your everyday life. Be it carrying your heavy child on your hip, shouldering heavy weights at work, having your rescue dog walk you, spending hours in stilettos, working on DIY projects, or pushing your limits at yoga/gym; these are the accomplishments of everyday athletes – accomplishments often hindered by aches, pains, and strains. But not anymore!

If you suffer from aches and pains caused by the athletics of your everyday life and are looking for fast-acting pain relief to help keep you going, Deep Heat and Deep Freeze Muscle Massage Roll-ons might be the solution for you! #KeepRollingSA


The #KeepRollingSA Challenge with our inspirational #EverydayAthleteSA

We’ve recruited 100 everyday athletes and their chosen tag-team partners to put DEEP HEAT Muscle Massage Roll-On Lotion and DEEP FREEZE Muscle Massage Roll-On Gel to the test. See what they have to say about these products yourself: HERE!



Want to know more? Make sure you join our #KeepRollingSA Insta-Party and stand a chance to WIN!

The #KeepRollingSA Insta-Party is where you’ll have all your burning questions about the Deep Heat and Deep Freeze Muscle Massage Roll-ons answered by our trial team of #EverydayAthleteSA. Keep a look out for our save the date newsletter!

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8 thoughts on “Deep Heat

  1. This new DEEP HEAT & DEEP FREEZE roll-on combo could not have come at a better time as i have been back at gym more regularly. Since going back, i have been experiencing such intense muscle pain post-workout & DEEP HEAT has been to the rescue. I was truly impressed with the fast reaction that each product has and a number of my friends have tried using it and are happy with its results. Very glad to have been part of the trial team! I will continue using and recommending this products to my circle

  2. Hi there,

    Leroy Moodley (Mood_le_roy) here and I would like to leave some feedback about the the new Deep Heat roll on products.

    Firstly my overall experience was simply amazing … with having the ability to now deal with joint pain within 2 minutes is life changing for me.

    The product has a bit of a slight sting but that’s how you know it’s working … After about 2 minutes after application the pain would have subsided ….

    The fact that it is compact and that I only need to roll over the the problematic area once is also a plus ….and yes I said roll over ….this is a roll on so no mess or fuss about where or when to apply.

    This is a must have to any gymbag and handbag …infact regardless of the bag just make sure you always have it.

    Thank you again to Deep Heat for allowing me to take part of this trial and survey and giving me the platforn to voice my honest opinion.


  3. Moeti Christian Marumo says:

    This one seems will be suitable for my backache and aching muscles

  4. Phatsimo Sedumedi says:

    I can’t wait to try it out .. my shoulders are giving me a hard time at a wrong time (December).

    1. Malwande Khobeni says:

      I wanna get it, I need it for gym, things are more intense now and my muscles are always aching.

  5. Johanna says:

    Really want to try this out have had excruciating back, neck, shoulder pains, spasms and I’ve tried everything from oils, lotions, through to tablets, nothing works so far

  6. Angelique De bruin says:

    With the up and down with kids work… I would love to try this,

  7. nomimie says:

    After all these years of pains and prayers has been answered …iwould like to use this its time to say bey bey pains

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