CALLING EVERYDAY ATHLETES WITH EVERYDAY ACHES AND PAINS – OPT-IN TO THIS TRIAL DEFINITION OF AN “EVERYDAY ATHLETE”: A person who prioritises a healthy and physical lifestyle in order to live life to the fullest. Do you suffer from aches and pains caused by your everyday life? Do you aspire to be a better and stronger version of yourself by overcoming these everyday aches and pains? Are you looking for targeted, fast-acting pain relief to help you keep going? If yes, Deep Heat and Deep Freeze Muscle Massage Roll-ons might be the solution for you! (and your everyday tag-team partner) You might be an #EverydayAthleteSA if you are: • Carrying your heavy child on your hip all day • Shouldering heavy loads at work (including housework) • Strutting too much in your stilettos • Working all weekend on DIY projects or on your at-home garden project • Running too fast with your rescue do • Or simply going that little bit too far at yoga or the gym … these are the athletics of everyday life; things you shouldn’t have to worry about doing because of aches, pains, tension, and inflammation. That’s where Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll-on Lotion and Deep Freeze Muscle Massage Roll-on Gel come in. The new roll-on application provides targeted pain relief with the added benefit of massage. Roll-on Deep Heat before exercise to warm up and roll-on Deep Freeze immediately after exercise or injury to reduce pain and inflammation. They’re easy to apply, mess-free, and are perfectly sized to fit in your bag, ensuring that you can keep on rolling throughout the day. #KeepRollingSA We’re looking for people like you to share their everyday stories of why you struggle with aches and pains, while testing the healing powers of Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll-on Lotion and Deep Freeze Muscle Massage Roll-on Gel. Are you ready to put this duo to the test and live your best, pain-free active life? Ready to share your experiences whilst inspiring your followers to Keep Going by #KeepRollingSA? IF YES OPT-IN NOW! Please complete the following survey: CLICK HERE. If chosen as an #EverydayAthleteSA, you will receive products for yourself and your chosen tag-team partner. It’s time to say goodbye to everyday niggles and keep rolling! #KeepRollingSA.
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