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Compact Perfume Atomiser


What is it? An atomizer of old is essentially a bulb syringe attached to plastic tubing that runs inside the perfume bottle. The atomizer mixes oxygen and liquid perfume, creating a fine mist, which is evenly distributed onto the skin or into the air. Modern atomizers create the same action without the bulb attachment. The Handbag atomiser is great for storing your favourite perfume without having to carry the big 'expensive' bottle around. Available at Woolworths and costs around R70.00 per atomiser and comes in a stylish chrome finish. It looks like a lipstick! Its easy to use too, the glass, screw-top bottle has a 5 ml capacity with a wide neck for easy filling and slides securely into the chrome cylinder to keep your favourite perfume safe and secure. All you need to do is unscrew the lid and spray your perfume directly inside! It is amazing how quickly and easily it fills!

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