In an effort to accurately relay brand names, product attributes and program information, please refer to all Colgate -provided materials, if available, when developing content for your discussion pertaining to the Product.  If you have any questions or need to verify factual statements, please reach out to the appropriate contact at the Agency or Colgate.

These Guidelines must be followed when developing content for this campaign.


  • Use the campaign hashtag #ProtexFaceYourDay and #ProtexFace in all Social Media posts as the primary hashtag (e.g., before any of the influencer’s own hashtags)
  • Highlight product features and benefits based on your personal experience, but do not make certain claims (as outlined in the product fact sheet provided)
  • Include authentic opinions about using the product
  • Be in good taste and free of inappropriate language
  • Drive engagement of posts or any media asset
  • Ensure Colgate products visible on any content posted
  • Tag ProtexSA on all social channels
  • Where relevant, tag Protex social properties such as: Protex SA Facebook ( Protex SA Instagram (  and Colgate SA Youtube ( or any other relevant platforms/pages 


  • Disclosures:
    • All disclosures should be clear and conspicuous.
    • Blog Posts or other long-form posts: Use the following disclosure, in clear and conspicuous size/font, at the beginning of each blog post:  “This post is sponsored by Colgate-Palmolive (Pty) Ltd.  All opinions are mine alone
    • Social Media Posts: Use #ProtexFaceYourDay and #ProtexFace at the beginning of each social media post
      • Where social media posts are being made on platforms with their own disclosure requirements, the posts shall comply with such requirements.
      • If available, utilize the “branded content” disclosure tools on the platforms where the posts will appear. Note, however, that such tools may not be sufficient for adequate disclosure.
    • For content that includes video/photo, the disclosure must be embedded into the photo or beginning of the video, as well as in the description.  For video content, this disclosure must be both verbal and visual (and, if the video is longer than five (5) minutes, repeated).
  • Product Statements:
    • Include your honest and truthful opinions and actual experiences
    • Use the provided fact sheet, if provided, as guidance for your post.  Do not include any claims or statements about the product that are unsupported or that you are asked not to use.
    • Do not use terms or references such as “bacteria”, “blood”, “acne”, “infection” or “inflammation”.
  • Unless otherwise set forth in this Policy, all Content including photos or videos should be wholly original and created by the Influencer.
  • People:
    • Photos/Videos should only show the influencer and their own spouse/partner or children, OTHERWISE we need signed releases for any additional individuals shown
    • No name-dropping of other people or using quotes — unless the person died more than 100 years ago!
    • No tagging of, or references to, famous people (including athletes, actors, authors, other influencers, etc.) and/or public figures
  • Third Party Owned Materials:
    • Content must not contain any third-party brand names, logos, slogans or easily identifiable shapes of products (i.e. Nike swoosh on a T-shirt, or the front of an iPhone with the circular home button – NOTE, in visuals, these can be blurred out if needed) other than those belonging (or licensed) to Colgate
    • Blur or do not show works of art or authorship (e.g., images of art prints or graffiti on the wall, images of magazines/catalogs, famous buildings)
    • Only include background music that has been properly licensed
    • Do not reference/display competitive products, even if the brand is not visible
    • Use Protex logos, images, or other materials only as provided
    • Influencer may generally link to public non-password protected websites provided that there is no prohibition on doing so in the website’s terms of service and the website and content being linked to is appropriate to the Activation.
    • Do not reference sports events, teams or organizations, awards shows, titles of movies, books, songs, or famous fictional characters
  • Colgate Requests for Changes to, or Removal of, Content
    • Your agreement may require that Colgate approve your content prior to posting.  If this is the case, please submit all content as required prior to publication
    • Regardless of whether pre-approved by Colgate, Colgate may request changes to the content you prepare or request that content be removed after it has been posted for a variety of reasons, including if the content does not comply with these Guidelines or if Colgate receives a complaint regarding the content or otherwise.  If Colgate makes such a request, you must agree to change or remove the content with immediate effect.


In order to induce Beauty Bulletin and Brand Advisor on behalf of Colgate to execute the foregoing Agreement, I represent that I have reviewed the Influencer Policy and Brief provided to me, that I am free to and will provide services in a manner consistent with such Policy and Brief, and shall comply with all of the provisions thereof.  I have not made any past statements or engaged in conduct that, if known, would impact either (a) Colgate’s reputation or that of its products; or (b) the success of the Services for which I was engaged.  I understand and agree that Colgate may terminate my engagement for services for any reason, including but not limited to, that I made statements or engaged in conduct that, in Colgate’s sole discretion, Colgate believes would impact its reputation, the reputation of Colgate’s products or the success of the services for which I was engaged.

Colgate-Palmolive takes compliance very seriously. By accepting this engagement I acknowledge that I have read Colgate’s Third Party Code of Conduct, which is available at, that I have read Colgate’s Global Anti-Bribery Policy, which is available at and that I have read Colgate’s Data Privacy Policy, which is available at, and that I will comply with these policies during the term of this agreement.