Calling all eco-warriors! This is the project for you

A brand-new Colgate Naturals trade exchange project is here! If you’re an eco-warrior, an authentic environmentalist that is passionate about sustainability, recycling and teaching others how to care for the planet, YOU’RE INVITED to opt-in, experience Colgate Naturals, and drive an important conversation.

This is an epic opportunity to drive a recycling movement that changes the way people shop and live for the better! Apply now for the Colgate Naturals Project, running from 14 June – 9 July 2021.

About the project

Did you know an estimated 20 billion non-recyclable tubes of toothpaste go to landfills every year? Traditional toothpaste tubes are notoriously impossible to recycle, which is why Colgate has released their first-ever fully recyclable tubes filled with ingredients of natural origin.

Colgate wants YOU to help drive a recycling movement starting with #SustainableSmiles. If sustainability is central to your life and you’re the kind of person that takes any opportunity to teach others how to reduce, reuse, and recycle, this is the project for you. This is your chance to educate and inspire people to make better decisions for the planet. From tooth-brushing routines to recycling, this is your chance to change peoples’ habits for the better, for the planet, for life! #SustainableSmiles

If this sounds like you, please complete the following survey

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