Want to live more sustainably but have no idea where to begin? Start here.

Choosing to live more sustainably can be super overwhelming. Where do you even begin?! We get it. Luckily, it’s easier than you think… JOIN the recycling movement today and find out everything you need to know from our team of eco-warriors and sustainability champions.

They’re taking to social media to start a recycling movement that inspires you to change your habits for the better, for the planet, for life! From tooth-brushing routines to recycling, this is your chance to get the inside scoop on living sustainably… starting with #SustainableSmiles

Did you know an estimated 20 billion non-recyclable tubes of toothpaste go to landfills every year? Traditional toothpaste tubes are notoriously difficult to recycle, which is why Colgate has released their first fully recyclable tubes containing natural ingredients :

  • Charcoal plus Whitening
  • Aloe Vera plus Gum Care
  • Hemp-seed Oil plus Soothing Sensation

Find out all about Colgate Naturals and how you can live more sustainably by joining the recycling movement at #SustainableSmiles or visiting: 



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