Cleansing Goes High-Tech

Cleansing Goes High-Tech


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3 cleansing brushes we love…

There’s nothing better than hitting the hay feeling perfectly cleansed.

After a long day though, treating myself to a thorough exfoliation to get the last traces of makeup and grime off my face is no easy feat, so I’ve come to rely on a little helper: an electric face brush.

Not to be confused with an electric toothbrush or your dad’s nose-hair trimmer, cleansing facial brushes do what your hands simply cannot: effectively rid the skin of impurities, make-up, dirt and grime build-up. They’re also great for prepping the skin for its post-cleanse routine.

My top three:

The Clinique Sonic System Cleansing Brush

·      The Promise: Actively removes impurities from the skin yet gentle enough to use every day twice a day.

·      Pros: Specialised bristles target hard to reach spots on the T-Zone while the white bristles are suitable for delicate spots like the cheek area.

·      Cons: Cannot adjust speed

·      Cost R1600

Clarisonic Plus Face and Body Sonic Cleansing Brush

·      The Promise: Smoother, more radiant skin through more effective cleansing.

·      Pros: 3 different speeds for 3 different levels of cleansing.

·      Cons: The price tag

·      Cost: R3500

Olay Regenerist 3 Point System Cleansing Brush

·      The Promise: Cleanses four times better than your hands would.

·      Pros: Inexpensive and great for sensitive skin.

·      Cons: The brush head has to be replaced every 3 months

·      Cost: R279

Have you had the pleasure of giving an electric face brush a go? Tell us about your experience below…

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