Cetaphil Product Review Club

Cetaphil Product Review Club



Products Tested:

DermaControl Range ( DermaControl foam wash, DermaControl moisturiser SPF30)

Dry/Very dry/Psoriasis Range (Gentle cleansing lotion, Daily advance lotion)

Restoraderm/Eczema Range (Restoraderm Body Wash, Restoraderm moisturiser SPF30)

UVA/UVB SPF 50 Sunblock

Oily Range (Oily skin cleanser, facial moisturising lotion)


60 female reviewers were selected to participate in the Cetaphil Product Review Community.

  • 20 reviewers suffering from eczema (10 who suffer themselves and 10 who have children or babies that suffer from eczema).
  • 10 were reviewers who have oily skin
  • 10 reviewers who are using an acne medication
  • 10 reviewers who have normal skin
  • 10 reviewers who have dry skin

60 reviewers were sent products from a Cetaphil range that correlated with their respective skin type or skin problem. The reviewers used their respective products for between 1 -3 months in order to begin seeing results. Although Cetaphil offers a range of dermatologist recommended skin care for various skin types and conditions, Cetaphil products are not only for problem skin. The complete Cetaphil range promotes a healthy skin for life.

Overall star rating:



 Beauty Bulletin says:

We love the extensive Cetaphil collection with a unique skin care range designed for various skin types or skin problems. We were impressed to learn that although Cetaphil products are often recommended by dermatologists, there are in fact a number of Cetaphil products for those of us who do not suffer from a skin condition. The packaging is user friendly and the washes, cleansers and moisturisers feel nourishing on the face and body.

You say:

I loved that my skin didn’t feel dry or like cracking after I have rinsed it and my skin still felt squeaky clean. “ – Imka. Read More

“Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser can be the perfect alliance to defeat the shine monster once and for all!” – Leigh. Read More

“I have never had such smooth and soft skin. No itching, no sores, no flaking skin.”- Michelle. Read More

“I am thrilled to report absolutely NO itchy legs and my little bumps on my chest and back have vanished completely.” – Maryanne. Read More



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