Celebrating the White Orchid

Celebrating the White Orchid

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What is it about flowers? They bloom and blossom into spectacular shapes, colours and smells.

Bunched together, they create visually beautiful and picturesque landscapes, while singularly, can be the perfect muse behind a grand idea.

A prime example of such a flower is the White Orchid. It represents luxury, strength as well as rare, delicate beauty which is how we understand why it came to be the inspiration behind the new fragrance for Clinique, Aromatics in White.

While sourcing natural ingredients is nothing new in the world of perfumery, the distinction between perfumes is made when different notes and currents blend together to create magnificent scents.

Clinique Aromatics in White holds serene woody notes, fresh florals and seductive ambers thus embodying purity and refinement.

It is a fragrance, difficult to forget and easy to become a signature scent, forever.

Watch the Clinique Aromatics in White video.


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