Be A Rebel With A Cause

Be A Rebel With A Cause

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1380459 526460430774732 413543227 nIn our first week of the Katy Perry Royal Revolution we’re focusing on REBELLION.

Key Characteristics: 

The rebellious woman stands up for herself and lives by her own personal beliefs and opinions are right. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks and marches to the beat of her own drum. The rebel has a wild way of holding court and captures everyone’s attention.

Fragrance Favourites:black thorn2

Forget roses or raspberries, a rebel doesn’t want a perfume that smells like something their grandma would wear. Mystical Black Thorn is a key ingredient in the
Katy Perry Royal Revolution fragrance thanks to the medieval belief that it holds mystical powers! It’s an irresistible addition that will hypnotise the senses and keep you addicted.

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Do you fancy yourself a rebel?
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