Subject: Open for kitchen heaven! 😍

Need new kitchen goodies? Banks Kitchen Shop has you covered with the latest kitchen appliances, stylish crockery, cutlery, glassware, and literally anything you can imagine!

If you haven’t heard of Banks yet, your life is about to change… They’re the original, family-owned and run kitchen shop since 1939, servicing the hospitality industry and homes for more than 80 years.

Whether you’re a restauranteur, love to throw big dinner parties or events, or you simply find your heart the fullest when you’re in the kitchen crafting meals with love for your friends or family, Banks Kitchen Shop has everything you need…No, really. They aren’t joking when they say one-stop kitchen shop.

Ogle-worthy pots and pans, chefs’ dream knife sets, cheers-ready glassware, and all the bells and whistles to top it off are available under a selection of 130 top brands. From Braun to Bramex and Smeg to Victorinox, there are few household names you won’t find at Banks. 

Pop into their store at 77 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock to meet the friendly, cordial staff. or shop online for all your kitchen needs here:

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  1. Prinzey


    Well I’m Buhle and I ✨super✨ food enthusiast that would definitely like to try out and promote your kitchenware . If given the opportunity I promise to do my best with my growing following on all my social media platforms by promoting your brand . Have a great day 😄!

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