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Avon’s Top Scents For Him and Her claim to be as good (or better!) than your fave luxury scents.  Follow the conversation to find out if they truly are!

Are you a scent-obsessed fragrance collector who only buys luxury fragrances and believes only expensive scents have the power to transform and elevate your every occasion, moment, and mood? This is the project you HAVE TO follow! 

We think we may have just found what you’re looking for… Say hello to Avon’s Top  Scents for Him and Her!

About Avon’s Top Scents

Avon is the number one fragrance brand in the world.* They sell more fragrances than any other brand – all of which are made by master perfumers from the finest ingredients. Their Top Scents For Him and Her promise to be the transformative touches every scent-obsessed fragrance collector needs to complete their look and set the mood. The only difference between them and luxury brands? Irresistible value.

Meet The Fragrance Experts

To find out whether Avon’s Top Scents for Him and Her offer irresistible value compared to expensive brands, we’ve recruited 150 scent-obsessed, authentic lovers, and collectors of luxury fragrances that don’t settle for anything less than the best quality scents, to put it to the test in their everyday life and let followers know: Do they #ChooseAvonFragrancesFirst? Stay tuned to find out!

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*Avon sells the most fragrances in the world. As measured by volume or units sold in 2020. 

Avon Top Scents Him

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Avon Top Scents Her

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