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Avon Liquid Freeze


The perfect solution for all of us who love to wear nail polish, do our own mani's and pedi's without the fuss! Liquid Freeze by Avon is a must have in my manicure bag as it is the perfect finishing off product to my nails! I take forever to do the perfect mani and pedi, and then the waiting begins, it takes forever for my nails to dry, and i always end up smudging it, and all my hard work down the drain... Until i bought my first Avon liquid freeze, after I'm done with my nails, a few quick squirts of this miracle product and my nails are dry in an instant, no waiting, no fuss! It has a pleasant smell, and adds a beautiful shiny top coat to my nails. The liquid seems to be oil based though as the residue on my fingers looks oily, but its easily wipes off and doesn't stain clothes, last quite a while too. Worth it at R82.95 for a 50ml, which can be ordered through any Avon Consultant.

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