Calling all male & female scent-obsessed trailblazers and statement makers!

If you’re a fragrance fanatic with a serious nose for notes, someone with scentsational self-expression who wants to discover a wardrobe of fragrances to match your every mood and moment, YOU’RE INVITED to opt-in and trial Avon’s top scents.

This is a great opportunity for both of us. We give you an epic hamper of Avon fragrances to share with your friends, family, colleagues, and more and you give us and your followers honest feedback by sharing your experience. Apply now for the #AvonTopScents project, running from 4 October to 1 November 2021.

About the project

Avon is one of the biggest perfume houses in the world. Created by world-class French master perfumers with the finest ingredients, Avon’s otherworldly wardrobe of fragrances are as high-quality and long-lasting as luxury brands… but a lot more affordable!

We’re looking for true fragrance aficionados, people with an affinity for fragrance collecting, people who can educate the world on top, middle, and base notes. Statement-makers that love to wear their mood and own every occasion. If you’re this type of man and you have male friends, family, and colleagues who love fragrances too, we want you to trial nine of Avon’s top male fragrances.

If you’re this  type of woman and you also have female friends, family, and colleagues mad about scents, we want you to trial 17 of Avon’s top female fragrances. All of the fragrances are from Avon’s ten leading brands:

  1. Far Away
  2. IMARI
  3. Today, Tomorrow, Always
  4. Little Black Dress
  5. Aspire
  6. Treselle
  7. Rare
  8. Attraction
  9. Black Suede
  10. Full Speed

We want you to discover #AvonTopScents and share your experience while expressing yourself boldly and confidently. This is your chance to turn your followers on to luxurious, high-end fragrances for every mood and occasion that won’t break the bank.

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