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What are #AvonTopScents? Created by world-class French master perfumers with the finest ingredients by one of the world’s biggest perfume houses, Avon fragrances are as high-quality and long-lasting as luxury brands but a lot more affordable! Their Top Scents selection features the most loved fragrances in their range, with something for every scent-obsessed expressionist – no matter the person, mood, or occasion. Are #AvonTopScents really all that? We’ve recruited two trial teams of true fragrance aficionados – one trialling Avon Top Scents For Her and the other Avon Top Scents For Him. These Fragrance Fanatics and their chosen crews have an affinity for fragrance collecting and are here to educate you on #AvonTopScents. Follow #AvonTopScents to discover Avon’s ultimate wardrobe of fragrances for men and women, hear their honest reviews, and be entertained!
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