JOIN our Fragrance Fanatics for the ultimate fragrance sampling affair. Be edutained, be inspired, and find out everything you need to know to bag the otherworldly wardrobe of fragrances you need to wear your mood and own every occasion. Think luxe without the price tag. Think: something for everyone. Think: honest reviews. #AvonTopScents
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SAVE THE DATE When: 16 October, 9-7pm on Instagram What: Each of our Fragrance Fanatics have recruited a diverse group of bros – friends, family, and colleagues – of all ages and all walks of life to test 9 of Avon’s Top Scents For Men. They want to know if Avon really has a fragrance for every mood, every occasion, and everyone. They’re going to give you the inside scoop on each fragrance’s top, middle, and bottom notes and which mood/occasion they think suits them best. This is your chance to discover luxury fragrances without the hefty price tag.


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ABOUT #AVONTOPSCENTS Created by world-class French master perfumers with the finest ingredients by one of the world’s biggest perfume houses, Avon fragrances are as high-quality and long-lasting as luxury brands but a lot more affordable! Luxe without the price tag?! Sign us up! Their Top Scents For Men selection features the most loved fragrances in their range, with something for every scent-obsessed expressionist – no matter the mood or occasion.  FOLLOW OUR TRIAL TEAM OF FRAGRANCE FANATICS We’ve recruited a trial team of true fragrance aficionados and their bros, men with an affinity for fragrance collecting who can educate you on #AvonTopScents. This is your chance to find your fragrance fit and show up as the statement-maker that owns every occasion! Follow #AvonTopScents to discover Avon’s ultimate wardrobe of fragrances, hear their honest reviews, and be entertained.  DON’T MISS OUT!