Aquafresh Pure White

A long-term relationship that will keep you smiling


In a world of fickle quick fixes that often harm more than they help, finding a long-term solution that is gentle AND effective is like finding a soul mate; pretty darn tough. Luckily for you, we think we might have just found yours… well, for your smile at least.

Aquafresh Pure White is a toothpaste designed with dentists to provide a balance of protection AND whitening. Unlike other quick-fix, enamel-damaging whitening products, Aquafresh Pure White has a triple-action effect that restores, polishes, and protects teeth gently, yet effectively.

It’s true strength is in its gentleness, ensuring that your smile is protected from stains and, with continuous use, restored to its natural-white beauty without compromising the strength of your teeth. #GentleIsRealStrength

We’re looking for a group of people to put Aquafresh Pure White’s gentle yet effective powers to the test.

If you are:

• Concerned about the health of your teeth and gums, and keeping them protected from stains gently yet effectively
• Looking to restore the natural beauty of your smile over time without damaging your enamel
• Willing to put Aquafresh Pure White to the test along with similarly-concerned friends, colleagues, or partners
• Willing to share your experiences with your engaged social media following through photos, videos, and posts
• Running too fast with your rescue do
• Ready to smile with confidence knowing the natural whiteness of your teeth is being protected and gently enhanced

Then please complete the following survey: CLICK HERE.

If chosen as part of the trial team, you will receive this great new product, plus a surprise gift. It’s time to enter into the perfect partnership and smile with confidence! #GentleIsRealStrength

6 thoughts on “Aquafresh Pure White

  1. Yolande says:

    Hope to be part of this campaign!

  2. Nokwazi Mkhwanazi says:

    I would love to join this project

  3. Joyce Manoko says:

    Would like to help promote the product

  4. Nathalie Jansen says:

    I would love to promote this product as I have beautiful teeth. My direct line is 061 537 9153

  5. Lerato Joy Matyolo says:

    Sounds good for the whole family use…

  6. Koketso Ngwatle says:

    I have a problem with the color of my teeth they appear as a light yellow
    I’d like to review the aquafresh and give my honest opinion

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