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Anti-Aging Skin Therapy Cream by Nutriwomen


As it ages, skin has a tendency to develop more sun spots, blemishes, discolourations and scarring as well as wrinkles. This Anti-aging Skin Therapy cream contains a mix of 12 of the strongest anti-oxidating and healing nutraceuticals which will help to diminish the tell-tale signs of aging and sun-damaged skin. This cream is also formulated with Matrixyl 3000, which is an alternative to Vitamin C and retinol. This is an active ingredient which will prevent and reverse lines and wrinkles , as well as UV damaged skin. Ingredients: Lipoic acid + DMAE Vitamin C Ester Grapefruit Seed Extract Hyaluronic Acid Co-Enzyme Q10 Papaya Extract Raspberry Extract This product is available at Dischem and I think it costs in the region of R215,00

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