Am I doing this right? Different voices for different social media platforms
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Am I doing this right? Different voices for different social media platforms

Communication is based in context. Whenever we go to talk to a person, how we do it depends on who that person is and what their relationship to us is. So you would talk to your boss one way, and to your friends another. It’s the same on social media.

Different platforms need a different voice because each platform reaches a unique audience which engages with the content differently. This doesn’t mean that you always have to create unique content on the same subject for every single platform, but rather be aware of how your post is presented and if this reflects the overall objectives of that platform.

A great example of how to understand how to post about the same subject on is explained through the Donut explanation by Three Ships Media.

They point out the objectives of each social media platform through how you are likely to post on them.

While these need some updating because these platforms have changed a bit since this was put together, it illustrated the original purpose of a users message on each platform.

Now days, it would be useful to add platforms like TikTok with the reference “here is a short video of me lyp-syncing to a song about donuts.”

Most content creators have a primary platform where the bulk of their audience is, usually where they began posting. While making a niche on one social media platform can work because it means you only have to tailor your posts for one kind of audience. But to get the best reach, making sure your content can be shared across multiple platforms is key.

So when making a post for your primary platform, keep in mind how you can edit or add to that content piece for your other accounts.

If for example you are making a review post on a product you’re trying out, why not do a long review video on Youtube, picture of yourself and the product on Instagram, a promotion tweet to the Youtube video on Twitter and a short promo video on Facebook?

It may take a bit more effort but you easily expand your reach and since the best way to learn how best to promote your content on a platform is by doing it, also expand your understanding of each platforms best practice.

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