Advisors not Influencers Influencer. This word has evolved and expanded to include a multitude of meanings since the exponential rise in social media. Although it started out being a rather vague term to describe those with a big but undetermined following, as it becomes more important to define exactly what an influencer is for things like influencer marketing, the term influencer has gained some definition with terms like nano, micro and macro  influencers. While the definitions around influencers have become clearer, so has the understanding that more followers does not automatically mean more influence or reach. Study of the analytics show that as you move up the follower scale, percentage reach diminishes. Not to say that macro or mega influencers do not hold importance when it comes to their following, but this just identifies that smaller accounts are also valuable. This is why we as Brand Advisor chose to call those we work with advisors rather than influencers. Those who join us to review brands as part of our campaigns are advisors to their following, no matter the size. They may not fit into the overall idea of an influencer who has a 1000+ following but because of their niche audience their voice is valuable and their advice taken seriously by the following they do have. Advisors are authentic, they provide genuine insight about the products they are reviewing and do not promote things that are not of interest to their audience. They could be a mom who has a following of other moms from their pre-school who likes to test out and talk about the latest kiddies products, they could be a student who loves creating beauty content for their friends- the possibilities for an advisor are endless. As an advisor, your voice matters to your followers whether there are 10 of them or 500. You provide the real responses and are ultimately the representative of those who buy these brands. Join us and be an advisor, let your people know what you think.  
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