#ACleanerClean Project Wrap Up

We recruited a trial team of eco-conscious, space beautifiers to introduce the new-and-improved Handy Andy Creams, as well as their new Eucalyptus variant. They revealed the brand-new design, showed us all the ways the new Handy Andy formulation can clean, and lots more!

The Trial Team

These REALfluencers are eco-conscious cleaners, and loyal Handy Andy fans on a budget, who love versatile, eco-friendly household cleaning products that work. 

Week One’s Story

The big ‘Peel to Reveal’ post kicked off the start of the Handy Andy Creams campaign. REALfluencers revealed the new Handy Andy Creams look by peeling away the old packaging to reveal the new, simple, recyclable packaging. Creative reels and feed posts saw our loyal Handy Andy fans light up with joy to see their beloved brand grow and change.

 Week Two’s Story

REALfluencers showcased just how well the new and improved Handy Andy Creams formulation works, whilst educating on the benefits and different uses. Reels and feed posts demonstrated just how much the Handy Andy Creams formulation has improved. From biodegradable fragrances to being safe on food preparation areas and even new recyclable packaging, REALfluencers and followers were evidently impressed.

REALfluencers and followers particularly love that the new formulation is safe on food preparation areas, as well as that the packaging is recyclable. Many followers expressed how eager they were to try it out because of these changes.

Week Three’s Story

The #ACleanerClean E-vent Challenge had our REALfluencers dancing the day away and showing us all the ways the new-and-improved Handy Andy Creams formulation can clean. Our REALfluencers had fun demonstrating just how versatile the new Handy Andy formulation is – from cleaning cars to shoes, gym equipment, and so much more! REALfluencers also challenged their followers to one-up them with even more creative ways to clean with the new Handy Andy Creams, as well as invited them to enter the competition for a chance to win their very own Handy Andy Creams hamper.

REALfluencers and followers shared that they love how the new Handy Andy Creams formulation works as more than just a multipurpose cleaner: It delivers in effortlessly cleaning the entire home, whilst helping save when on a budget.

Week Four’s Story

Time for the final verdict: REALfluencers shared their final review on their Instagram Stories after trialing the new-and-improved Handy Andy Creams formulation for 3 weeks, sharing what was IT for them…

From “it was the versatility for me” to “it was the eco-friendly ingredients for me”, REALfluencers shared just how much they love the new Handy Andy Creams formulation and how excited they were to restock.

About Handy Andy

According to our #ACleanerClean team, the new-and-improved Handy Andy Creams formulation is better than ever. From versatility to improved eco-consciousness, there’s nothing Handy Andy can’t clean, and it’s accompanied by a cleaner look too!

✅ Made with 100% natural cleaning particles

✅ Biodegradable fragrance

✅ Container is made

from recycled plastic

✅ Now even tougher on

grease and dirt

✅ Versatile

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