8 Tips to Master False Lashes

8 Tips to Master False Lashes

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Lashes sticking out at weird angles, glue all over your face… Venturing into the world of false lashes can be dangerous territory, but don’t stress. Eylure have got you covered with their Eylure False Lash Starter Kit (R 79.95 at Dis-Chem):

The kit consists of two false lashes, a practice lash, an applicator and two tubes of clear eyelash glue. Here are some oh-so-simple tips to ensure your application is flawless:

1. Before you do anything else, make sure you check that the lashes fit your eye shape. If you need to cut the strip, snip off the outer edge with nail scissors. This avoids the lashes drooping at the corners.

2. Take hold of both edges of the lash and bend them inwards to create a ‘C’ shape. If you hold the lashes in this position for a few seconds, they will be moulded to your eye shape without the corners lifting up.

3. If you want to reuse your lashes, now is the time to apply your mascara. Wait until it dries completely before moving on to the next step.


4. When it comes to applying the glue, here’s a sneaky tip: Put the glue on the handle end of the Eylure applicator and glide it across the strip. Apply the most glue at the corners of the lashes, so that they stay put when you blink. 

5. Blow on the glue to make it stickier before placing it on the lash. This keeps the lashes from slipping when you’re trying to align them with your eye shape.

6. When you apply the lashes with the Eylure applicator, aim for the base of your natural lashes rather than the eyelid. Don’t worry if you mess up. Eylure have you covered with a practice lash!

7. Once you’ve applied both lashes and if you don’t want to reuse them, apply your mascara to seamlessly blend the falsies with your own lashes.

8. If there’s a gap between the falsies and real lashes, fill in the gaps with matte black shadow and an angled brush. This step also helps the glue to dry more quickly.



Eylure Starter Kit No  118 1400658770

And there you have it!

BB Beauties, do you struggle to apply false lashes?

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